Surge Radio
Greetings Surge Listeners,

Thank you so much for your support. Since December 2000, we've been cranking out Dance music and other content for your listening pleasure. In recent years, we've tried our hand at commercial radio in North Carolina and Missouri; and it certainly has been a great ride. Our company continues to own and operate WEGG Radio in Eastern North Carolina, and it continues to thrive under its Rhythmic Oldies format which we started back in January 2017.

As you're already aware, Dance music has been our passion. However, as Dance music has continued to expand, there have arisen newer subgenres known as Tropical House, Trap, Dubstep, and others. Surge has mostly chosen to stick with House, Trance, Top 40 remixes, and other great tracks with four-on-the-floor beats, throbbing bass, and 120+ beats per minute.

In the radio business, in order to continue to be viable, a playlist must be built for mass appeal. Unfortunately, as these new subgenres have continued to grow in popularity, our long-standing focus, on what we consider REAL Dance music, has started to become more of a niche, which has hindered our commercial viability. This painful truth, in addition to increasing royalty costs and ridiculous amounts of paperwork, as well as a lack of advertising revenue to sustain us, has resulted in it becoming necessary that we take a season to rest, regroup, restructure, and reenvision the direction of Surge Radio.

Without your support, we wouldn't have continued on for more than 16 years. We hope that you'll continue to keep the vision of Surge alive, and keep checking back. Who knows what the future may hold?

I want to give a big thanks to Pete and Jonne of KCXL Radio for giving Surge a chance. We're ending on good terms, with the door open for possibility to do more things together in the future. Surge Media has plans in the works for future projects together with KCXL. Stay tuned for updates. Meanwhile, you'll be able to continue hearing The Listening Room with Mikeo, House Sundays with Rohit Bangera, and other Surge programming on KCXL, Sunday afternoons 6pm-9pm.

I also want to give a big thanks to Heather B, Robert Osborne, Lisa G, and Turtle; the best on air staff I ever had the privilege of working with. I will sincerely miss the beautiful presentation we developed together.

Thank you all so much, and don't forget to wave if you see the Surge Party Wagon ride through your neighborhood. ;)

With much love,
Ken Santarelli
Owner/Manager of Surge Media, LLC